Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is this website all about?

    This website is an alumni networking and engagement platform maintained by IISc's new Office of Development and Alumni Affairs. We invite all alumni who have graduated from the Institute (through degree programmes) to register and use this exclusive website to connect & engage with your fellow alumni as well as your alma mater.


    Sign up and use this website to:


    Connect: Find and contact classmates and other alumni, stay updated on campus and alumni news

    Celebrate: Keep track of and attend reunions and meets

    Reminisce: Add/browse through photos and events, share your campus stories

    Recruit: Post jobs and internships for fellow alumni and current students 

    Support: Contribute to any of IISc's initiatives, support projects on campus


  • 2. How can I register/login?

    We encourage you to login through Facebook and Linkedin. If you don't have an account with Facebook or LinkedIn, you can use your email address to register. Your credentials will be verified by the data administrators and you will be given access to use the features of the website.  

    For step-by-step instructions on how to register, please see:

  • 3. How secure is my data?

    The entire database is secured using industry standard security protocols. No user can access the data without appropriate permissions. Information like education, employment, etc. is visible to other registered users, but personal information like your email address and mobile number are private by default and nobody can see that information without your explicit permission. 

  • 4. My profile is incorrect. What do I do?

    We apologize for any errors as your profile information is retrieved from both academic records as well any information you provide (including Facebook/LinkedIn). As a result, there is always a possibility that your information is not 100% accurate. The easiest thing to do is to "Update your profile". It takes less than a minute to update your information! 

  • 5. Can I contact members on this website?

    Based on your association with the Institute (alumni, student, admin, etc.), you will have permissions to contact various alumni. You can also control what communication you receive so that you don’t have to see a lot of irrelevant emails.

  • 6. What is 'My Class' feature and how do I use it?
    ‘My Class’ is a social feature to engage with your old classmates. This feature comes extremely handy in terms of keeping in touch and find out what everyone's been upto. All alumni registered with the website can access this page.
    To access My Class: Click on ‘My Class’ icon on the homepage or visit
    On this page, you can do the following things:
    • Create an animation of self: Click on ‘Create My Animation’ to add your animation to the class profile.
    • Update the status as a ‘Shout Out’: Hover the mouse pointer over your picture to see the message. Then click on ‘Say something to your class’ to update your status. Click on ‘Save’ to share it with your class.
    • Invite your classmates to try out the feature: Hover the mouse pointer over your other classmates’ pictures and click on ‘Invite’
    • Invite missing classmates via email: Scroll down to the end of the page and hover the mouse pointer over the ‘+’ sign. Click on it and enter your classmate’s email ID to invite him or her to try the feature.
    • Share your class on Social Media: On the top right corner of the page, you can select to share your class on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.
  • 7. What is 'Stories'?

    ‘Stories’ is a social feature for you to share memorable stories during your time at IISc. Any registered alumni can add his or her memorable experience in campus as a story through this feature.

    To add a new story:

    • Click on ‘Stories’ on the home page or visit
    • On this page, you can browse previously written stories or add your own story. Click on ‘Add your Story’ to add a new story.
    • On this page, you can write your story and tag your friends involved in the story.
  • 8. How can I form dynamic email groups?

    Interested in forming email groups to keep in touch with alumni living in your area or from your department? Please contact the data administrator at with details. 

  • 9. What about duplicate profiles?

    While building the database, we may sometimes have to deal with duplicate profiles. This is because information is retrieved from both academic records as well as from information you provide. We are focusing on refining the alumni database to make the user experience better. Admins have access to remove duplicate profiles or merge them with the original. Duplicate profiles will be flagged by the system and admins will be notified. The admin will then verify if the profiles are duplicate and merge the two, or remove the one with least information. Please contact the admin at for assistance. 

  • 10. My first name and/or last name appear different. Why?

    Sometimes, you may be using different first or last names from what you used during your time at the Institute (For example, VV Raman could now be Venkatesh Raman). The system will attempt to match duplicates based on multiple categories: batch, department, email, etc. in an attempt to avoid confusion. If any issue arises with duplicate profiles because of different names, please contact for assistance. 

  • 11. Why can't I see another alumnus' email address?

    In our system all user emails are masked. This means that if you wish to contact another alumnus with whom you have not interacted before, you can contact them by clicking the ‘Send email’ button on the respective person’s profile. From there, the sender and the receiver will be able to communicate from their email inboxes without revealing their actual email addresses. We respect your privacy and have shaped the system to mask the email addresses in such a way. 

  • 12. Why is my post/photo/story missing from the website?

    We encourage alumni to keep the site active and engaging by sharing their memories, photos and stories. However, the site admins reserve the right to remove any post that may not be appropriate for the purposes of the website. Please contact the admins at if you have any concerns. 

  • 13. Who should I contact for assistance?

    For any assistance with updating your profile or using any of the features of the website, please contact

  • 14. How do I apply for alumni ID card?

    The IISc Alumni Association currently issues all ID cards for its alumni members. Kindly contact them for further details at or 080-23600180. In addition to the ID application, 2 Photographs and a Photocopy of the Degree Certificate from IISc would be required for submission.